A deep, creative and transformative process, which supports you through your holistic awakening journey and individual personal health revolution

A deep, creative and transformative process, which supports you through your holistic awakening journey and individual personal health revolution

Love Letters

A Sharing Of Views From Your Journeys (often written to my birth name Rowena; I am now known as Shoshannah - just to confuse you! )

Love Letters

A Sharing Of Views From Your Journeys (often written to my birth name Rowena; I am now known as Shoshannah - just to confuse you! )

'After going through a very long and difficult breakdown of my marriage, my son and I turned to Rowena for help. My son who was 12 at the time, was in an emotional turmoil, desperate, angry and lost. As a mother who was also immensely struggling I no longer could help my son alone to heal. Instantly meeting Rowena, I knew that everything eventually would be okay it would just take time. Her patience and undeniable kindness with my son was so apparent, he yearned for someone to understand his pain, and Rowena tapped into that well. Over time we have both started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My son has grown in strength and learned how to control his anger when he feels everything is too much for him. Our sessions together were tough, we were both in so much pain but the homeopathic remedies Rowena prescribed helped to ease that. My son, is a completely different child from when he first met Rowena to now, as a mother, I can’t thank her enough.'

49 year old mother of 14 year old son

“I have been to see Rowena with my husband and she has helped give us both strength, support and clarity during some very difficult times.”


'In a world where I feel I have to be all things to all people and have lost myself, the space Rowena provides is a lifeline. With Rowena I am truly heard and understood as my true self however raw or 'broken' that may be, at any given time. Slowly I am finding myself with Rowena's gentle guidance.'

BB (34 year old female)

"I can't recommend Rowena enough. She has helped me immeasurably since the birth of my first son in so many ways. She has assisted with baby complexities; reflux, colic and teething through to 5 year old illnesses including some very tough ones; chicken pox and whooping cough. Rowena is incredibly supportive and accessible in giving advice 24/7 which is so valuable when you have small children. As well as helping with the children Rowena was instrumental in helping me conceive my second child. I had trouble conceiving due to a traumatic experience during my first birth but Rowena supported me both by talking it through and prescribing a specific remedy. The very next month I conceived my second child!"

LM (34 year old female)

'After a recommendation, we met with Rowena as my 17 year old daughter was suffering with anxiety and, as her Mother, I was struggling to help her.
Rowena’s approach was gentle, caring and nurturing and she encouraged my daughter to open up and discuss how she was feeling.
The sessions spent with Rowena helped my daughter enormously and she has learned to manage her anxiety and I have learned how best to support her when she is feeling anxious.  Many thanks to Rowena.'

Mother of 17 year old daughter

'I have been bringing my children to Rowena for 10 years. They have grown up with excellent health and are so comfortable to share all their worries with her. She helps them enormously in all aspects of their emotional and physical well being - and mine too!.'

LL (47 year old female)

'Rowena has been a saviour and godsend to me and my family over the last 7 years. She has been unbelievably supportive both homeopathically and emotionally through difficult times. Her homeopathic knowledge is incredible, she is empathetic, comforting and caring. I would not be without her in my life and I cannot recommend her enough!'

NP (52 year old female)

'I was recommended to Rowena by a friend, and instantly knew that we were on the same wavelength. She was easy to open up to, and although it was a friendly environment, she had a great way of challenging me to not only see the different views of others but also taught me how to better challenge myself. We covered a range of subjects across my work and personal life, ranging from broad to very specific issues, and always with a clear action plan for how to move forward. I can honestly say that I approach life differently as a result, have a better arsenal of tools to help me cope with what life throws at me and, years later, friends still tell me they can see the difference!'

CG (female age 35)

'My 16 year old daughter has been seeing Rowena for over a year to help with her OCD, anxiety and lack of confidence. Through using CBT and homeopathy and with Rowena's never ending support and encouragement my daughter is in a much happier place than she was a year ago. The appointments are times my daughter looks forward to as she is able to talk freely to Rowena in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Rowena is extremely knowledgeable on so many health matters and her kind and caring nature, and helpful suggestions make difficult situations seem much more manageable. We can't thank you enough Rowena for all the help and support you give us.'

HH (mother of 16 year old girl)

'I want to thank Rowena for everything she has taught me this year (2020). From the second I met her we just clicked. She listens and understands what you are saying but never judges. She has helped me grow as a person and help me express my feelings in the right way. I am so excited to work with her next year and work on a deeper level with my feelings.'

SS (31 year old female)

'Before I came to see Rowena I would be in a constant state of boredom and hyperactiveness, which were complete opposites and I was extremely confused with my life. My OCD was controlling me more than I could have ever imagined and I didn’t realise how much of my life I was missing because of it. I was extremely despondent and felt like an outcast and that I wasn’t normal. She helped me discover exactly who I am and helped me overcome my OCD which was stopping me from living a limitless life. All the limiting traits from my OCD were stopping me from truly living and by squashing those traits and thoughts, Rowena helped me realise my potential and what I can now do with my life after so many years of feeling disconnected from everything and everyone. I cannot even describe what she has done for me, I am forever grateful.'

MJ (15 year old female)

'With Rowena by my side throughout my journey, I finally uncovered my true self under the rubble of years of social and parental conditioning, while I also managed to get rid of a plethora of physical ailments that plagued me for decades. I am profoundly grateful to Rowena for helping me to become the much happier, content and confident person that I am today – I simply couldn’t have become that person, if it wasn’t for you, Rowena.'

MO (47 year old female)

'I first came to see Rowena six months ago having hit rock bottom after an initial episode of debilitating panic attacks. I wanted a natural way of getting myself back into balance and for the adrenalin rushes to stop. I was being tormented by anxiety and thought processes that were really not doing me any good whatsoever. My life felt very much out of control. With Rowena’s support, I am now almost back to normal. I am 85% better and the improvements continue. The adrenalin rushes are now very occasional and I can now control them with techniques learned in my sessions with Rowena. Rowena combines counselling and life coaching with prescriptions of homeopathic remedies and flower essences and I have found the combination extremely effective.'

PL (38 year old male)

'I went to see Rowena when I was experiencing dizziness and exhaustion due to the menopause.  I didn’t want to go on HRT because I really prefer natural medicine.   Rowena talked with me at length about my symptoms - both emotional and physical, and then she recommended blood, urine and saliva tests in order to tailor-make my treatment. I also decided to take DNA tests and hormonal tests in order to discover what guidance I could get about my health, my diet and my lifestyle from those.

Rowena provided a massive amount of information about how my body functions from combining and analysing the test results. She uncovered what my deficiencies were, how my body was detoxing, for example, in which specific ways I was not functioning efficiently, what supplements I needed to take, and what changes I needed to make so I could improve my health and lifestyle, including dietary advice and reducing stress. She helped me understand my health in ways I had not thought about before.

Although I have always taken lots of supplements I actually needed different ones and higher doses of some of the ones I was taking. And some I discovered that I had been taking, were actually making me unwell.

I feel so much better now and I have to say that Rowena has been endlessly helpful and is clearly very knowledgeable.

I truly believe that the way forward for good health and happiness is through Functional Medicine and the information and help you receive by doing these extensive, easy to do tests is amazing - and the analysis Rowena provides is invaluable.

Try this method of health awareness and health care and you will feel much better and won’t be disappointed... regardless of what symptoms you are looking for support with.'

EL (Age 54)

EL (54 year old female)

'Rowena has been my life coach for a couple of years. She has been an incredible force in my life. Her techniques are marvellous, some of her best qualities as a life coach are her genuine spirit, her honesty, her excitement about your accomplishments and her caring. I’m not sure where I would be now without Rowena .'

AS (40 year old female)

'Over the developmental years we have periodically seen Rowena and it has always made a big difference in my daughter’s, mood, behaviour and attitude and it has always changed things around quite quickly. It is very nice to have this port of call to rely on. And it is great that Rowena is on my daughter’s wavelength. Rowena really gets her!'

MM (mother of 16 year old girl)

'Visiting Rowena has made me feel a lot better - more positive and more motivated. She also helps me feel hopeful. It is great that she is always someone I can go to. Someone who understands me emotionally and likes me.'

ERM (16 year old girl)

'I have been seeing Rowena for over ten years now. She has helped me immensely with issues relating to depression, trauma and low self esteem. Her patience, knowledge and kindness has kept me going through hard times and stages of crisis in my life and for that I am ever grateful.'

MT (38 year old female)

'Thanks to my lifestyle coach whom I always look forward to seeing. Rowena has a hugh positive impact on my life journey equipping me with the skills needed for a healthy mind and healthy body. She is a breath of fresh air and a wonderful tonic. She is a lovely lady with wonderful skills that one can apply through every aspect of life. Thanks Rowena - you has touched my life in such a wonderful positive way.'

TAM (38 year old female)

'I started seeing Rowena about two years ago. I was physically and mentally broken. She helped me pick up the pieces and made me the happy and healthy person I am today. I could not be where I am now without her vast knowledge in all her fields and her kind and sensitive support.'

DM (60 year old female)

'Sessions with Rowena have provided a safe and wholly affirming space to begin exploring deep inner 'stuff'. Room to reflect and openly express myself, with Rowena's intuitive holding of the space,. insight and encouragement. I've found them full of unexpected surprises, wisdom and encouragement that's helped me journey through challenging times with a renewed sense of perspective and strength.'

SM (42 year old male)

'Rowena has been looking after my son for just over seven years – since he was six. She has helped him with anxiety, sleeping, concentration and his general well being. Over the last two year she introduced Cease Therapy with him, which had an amazing effect. There were very clear reactions and a very positive outcome. My son loves going to see Rowena.'

SL (mother of 14 year old son)

'My name is Holly, I came to Rowena to discuss ongoing problems with my bowel movements, strong bloating and pain. We came to the conclusion that a GI Map would be the best course of action to move forward. I, at first, was a bit hesitant because of the price of the test but thought I needed to get this sorted as a normal GP wouldn’t really help and I have family stomach issues. My results came back as leaky gut syndrome so I have cut out gluten, sugar, dairy, nightshades and legumes. I also now take the probiotic to rebalance the levels in the gut. I feel so much better, my symptoms have all but disappeared, I have lost weight and can have a relatively normal day now that’s not disrupted by toilet breaks and feeling tight and bloated. At first the diet felt so restricting but now I have started exploring other options and recipes I feel like I have come on leaps and bounds in the kitchen and have a new found enjoyment for preparing and eating my own guilt free meals!'

HC (29 year old female)

'Talking to Rowena has allowed me to see things that I never would have seen if left to my own devices. We were having a casual chat about my addiction and I really had no expectations of this chat changing how I felt towards my addiction. But then she asked me what do I want and I said to not crave, want or think about weed all the time everyday, and then she said so essentially you have to break up with it and I agreed. I had told her that I had planned to only smoke on weekends in order to break the habit which I though was a great idea. And then she said could you imagine trying to break up with your girlfriend but shagging her every weekend....and it was at this point she helped me realise and understand how to break my addiction. It is a hard and long process that everyone needs support through and Rowena provides that!  JM, male aged 21

JM (21 year old male)

‘Rowena is a particularly empathetic person who takes great pride in her ability to help others through difficult times. Through her strong communication skills and knowledge of homeopathic medicine, she will always be able to remedy any problem!’

GS (26 year old male)

A friend recommended that I see Rowena during what was a very difficult time for me personally, but more so for my children. I existed and my children barely more than that. The results were incredible to say the least. The fog I have had in my head has been lifted for the first time in almost 30 years and both of my daughters have transformed from anxiety ridden girls with compulsive behaviours to confident young ladies who are now able to express their feelings rather than have their thoughts eat away at their minds. I would not hesitate to recommend Rowena and her treatment processes to anymore who feels they or a member of their family are unable to deal with a particular issue or generally move forward in their lives.’ Jacqueline, Mum of 4, Hertfordshire

Mother of four